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Get Ready For All Things Baked

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We are delighted to announce that things are in place for our first Fair being All Things Baked. It’s been something we have worked on for a while and we are so glad to share this with you. All Things Baked is a baked goods fair established to generate sales and create opportunities for everyone who participates. Scheduled to hold from August 6th-7th, 2021 at Royal Oaks Event Center, Lekki, Lagos.

Food makes life worth living. “Food” is a four-letter word and so is “Love”. We. Love. Food. Most especially, we love all things baked. This fair is for everyone in the Baking Industry, from the Bakers to the Baking Supplies Vendors. The Baking props Vendors, Tools and Equipment Vendors, Training institutes, and Logistics companies that handle deliveries.

This is one for the record books as there hasn’t been any major food Fair since the pandemic. All COVID-19 Government protocols will be observed.

At Food Critic Live, we are ready to satisfy every craving, all offered at an unbeatable price. Step into our world and join us to explore the latest trends, products, creations, and
innovations in the food and drink industry with our All Things Baked Fair.



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