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FoodCriticLive is where your appetite for adventurous eating will be born. One fork after another, we bring to you adventures and new discoveries in all things food and drink. We explore. We eat. We drink. We wine and dine. We review. We discover. We create. We throw in some events. And we have fun whilst doing it.


From five star magnifique cream of the crop, to the greatness of street food.  We bring you the cutlery matrix of all things food and drink. You get intricate details; what we call dished dish. Finding the best culinary creations as well as drinks, and letting you know, is what we live for.


We are the pioneers of Online Food and Drinks Fair in Nigeria.


Our Online Food and Drinks Fair is what dreams are made of. A hassle free journey into the world of all things food and drink at the click of a button. We celebrate the best and are ready to satisfy every craving, all offered at an unbeatable price.


Step into our world by joining us to explore the latest trends, products, creations, and innovations in the food and drink industry. In the words of our founding Father a foodie ahead of his time, Oliver Tiwst

“Food Glorious food

We’re anxious to try it

Three banquets a day

Our favorite diet…”


Magical, wonderful, marvelous food.


Tongue for rent.