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AllThingsBaked 2023 Coming Soon

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AllThingsBaked, the indulgent adventure for the love of baked goods, will host her third edition in June 2023. Taking place in Lagos, Nigeria, the exhibition will be the largest gathering of Manufacturers, Industry Professionals, Businesses and Bakers.

AllThingsBaked is a Business to Business and Business to Consumer Exhibition. Established to provide manufacturers, businesses, industry professionals and SMEs in the Baking industry an opportunity to generate sales, create awareness for their brand, connect directly with the target audience, and attract new clientele. 

It also serves as a platform to highlight and address issues faced within the Nigerian baking industry. Manufacturers and Professionals get to network and discuss further on how to improve the business of baking.

The Journey

Our pioneer event, held on October 1st, 2021 at Landmark Event Center. In 2022, we held our Second Edition themed BakeMeGolden on September 16th at Landmark Event Center. The event was endorsed by Masters Bakers Association and was supported by our official partners , the Nigerian Association of Cakes and SugarCraft Professionals (NACSP).



BehindTheBite is the theme for this edition. Baking is the science that requires precision. Great tasting baked goods transcends using the right ingredients. It’s the fusion of skill, intelligence, patience, perfect timing, use of the right equipment, right ingredients and technology. Plus the sweat, blood, tears and resilience in running a business. 

This captures all the elements behind the bite; behind the baked good. We seek to bring to the forefront the new ways to improve on baked goods and the business of baking. 


Partner with us

The Nigerian baked goods market is forecasted to reach over 250 Million Naira by 2024. According to statistics, an average of 10 million loaves of bread are consumed daily in Lagos, the second most populous city in Africa. 

We welcome you to partner with us as a Sponsor or Exhibitor. To learn how you can participate, please send an email to 


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