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Aphrodisiac for Men you’ve got to try

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Looking to have that special person sing “Whatta man, whatta man, whatta man, What a mighty good man”? You have come to the right place. It’s true that the human race is driven by passion. Whether work, career, business, art, technology or passion to conquer, create and experiment. Passion arguably is what keeps us growing and going against all odds.

Whilst there’s one side of passion that drives, there’s another that satisfies. We’ve done our research on the 7 best natural aphrodisiacs for men you’ve got to try.

Let’s dive in.



Nigerian men love their booze and it’s no surprise Brandy takes the number one spot. Hennessy, Martell, Remi Martin, Chivas Regal, you name it. The smooth blend makes men feel more relaxed. The initial buzz and warm feeling when you take a sip is caused by the receptors of the male brain being stimulated by the level of alcohol in Brandy. By the time you have had one or two drinks, Scientists say it is at that light level of alcohol intake, that we are most likely to perform our best. Brandy can turn from being good for your sex drive to being bad very quickly if you have too much.


Red wine

It’s a scientific fact—red wine increases levels of testosterone. Just two glasses of red wine will put you in the mood. When drinking red wine, a compound inside the wine called quercetin stops the body getting rid of an enzyme that gets rid of testosterone. Quercetin prevents the body from excreting the enzyme that attaches itself to testosterone which the body gets rid of through urine. Thereby raising levels of testosterone in the blood. Watch out though, a few too many glasses can reverse the effect by reducing testosterone.


Tiger nut

Talk about a knockout package for half the price. This is said to be an ancient secret to boost libido, treat low sperm count and treat erectile distinction. If eaten every day for one week, you will have long lasting erections and a strong sexual urge. Check please!



Banana power cannot be understated. Other than it’s suggestive shape, it’s loaded with potassium. Potassium, potassium, potassium! The amount of potassium in a banana delivers muscle strength thereby intensifying orgasms. Perhaps this is the real reason why banana is referred to in Nigerian hit songs. Niniola called it “Banana t’o nipon, banana t’o ni eh.”



Strange but true, this Hulk Hogan of a fruit is said to be the natural Viagra. It contains citrulline, which relaxes the blood vessels the same way Viagra does. It also has high levels of lycopene which is good for the heart and good for prostrate health.


Ata rodo

Also know as Exotic pepper, is probably one of the subconscious reasons why Nigerian men love fresh stew. It triggers the feel-good chemicals called endorphins. This pepper is loaded with capsasicin which is an aphrodisiac and surprisingly a pain reliever. Who would have thought? The heat from this spice gets your heart pumping by increasing blood flow and stimulating nerve endings which mimics the essence of arousal.


Seafood; Oysters and Calamari

An upscale item on the menu, they are very strong aphrodisiacs. They are high in zinc, which is known to quickly increase sex drive and fertility. Zinc also boosts semen production and regulates sexual hormones.

Worth a try, don’t you think?


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