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Is Bold Ginger Nigeria’s Ginger beer?

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Like they say the sky is the limit, and when it comes to soft drinks flavours, that’s absolutely right. However, in Nigeria despite the opportunity to create, experiment and do more with different kinds of flavours, there hasn’t been that much effort. Most soft drink brands tend to play safe, with staples such as cola, orange, apple, lemon-lime, bitter lemon and most recently Chapman. Unfortunately, the ones who create a unique flavour don’t stand the test of time.

The LaCasera Company recently launched a new line of flavours with their brand called Bold; Orange, Tropical and Ginger. I had tried Bold Bitter Lemon which was great and was looking forward to the same great taste with Bold Ginger.

Headlines were inviting with references to it being the first ginger drink made in Nigeria with real ginger extra. I was thrilled to know that I may no longer have to go all the way to one particular store to buy a ginger drink. And I had hoped that this could rival all the other ginger soft drinks in the market. Sadly, I was wrong.

This tasted awful. For some strange reason, even though it had the strong notes of ginger, it had a chemical taste. There was a salty undertone and it tasted watery like it had expired. I checked the dates twice and it wasn’t. I really don’t know how you could go wrong with ginger. Ginger is one of the most delicious spices in the world.

At first I felt maybe I was mistaken. It’s said that the flavour of soft drinks reaches its full potential when it’s served cold. It was cold and had a terrible taste. Then I left it out of the fridge and tried it again when it was room temperature. That was a bad idea.

For N120 you get a generous 50ml in a nice brown bottle which is value for money in comparison to other ginger brands out there. But I’ll choose quality over quantity any day. This isn’t something I recommend you try.

They get an A for effort though and for this we rate it 1 star.



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