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Chewing chewing gum

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Gum. The once forbidden fruit as a child is now today’s must have. There were so many rules and regulations growing up back then. African parents always had their say and it was for your “own good”. One of the rules in our house was no gum. Beyond the fact that my Father hated the sound of chewing gum, as children, we would get it stuck everywhere. I remember one time, one of my sisters slept with gum in her mouth and woke up the next morning to find it in her hair and all over the pillow. That was the final straw. We were not allowed to buy or chew any gum even if it came in our party packs. 

Today on the other hand, you will always find me with a pack of gum. Bad breath is just bad manners. The unpleasant ooze that is unforgiving in everyway is not something anyone should have to tolerate. I mean no thanks. Say no to bad breath. Thankfully, now that we all have to wear masks, some people will get a taste of what they’ve been dishing. 

Out of the many options to choose from, Orbit sugar free gum is something to consider. I prefer the small packs because of the crunchy shell pieces. For me they last longer and don’t melt like the larger packs. Each crunchy shell delivers fresh breath in a instant and a great flavour that lasts chew after chew. It’s sugar free which is great for your teeth and guilt-free when it comes to counting calories. Whether it’s a minty chew or fruity chew, the gum doesn’t fall apart or get hard if you chew it for long. Although it’s recommended to only chew for 20 minutes. It retails for N100 and comes in 5 great flavours, but some are greater than the other. 

Strong mint

Sadly this doesn’t live up to its name. When you think of strong mint, you expect it to be power packed with menthol that hits your nose. This is more of a mild mint which is great for someone looking to freshen up without having to smell like they were chewing gum. 


This flavour should have been called Strong mint. If you’ve had garlic or something with a lot of spice or maybe have bad breath then this is for you. It’s super strong blast of flavour takes over the whole month. I think it’s strong enough to be a smokers gum not that I know much about smoking but you get the point. 


This is one of my favourites. It’s the perfect mint as far as I’m concerned. It is the freshest minty chew that is delightfully refreshing. Not too strong and not too light. I could literally chew this all day. 


The Strawberry flavour is mild and delightful. It’s more of a fresh strawberry taste rather than the artificial strawberry found in most flavoured gum. If you’re more of a fruity chew than a minty chew then this is for you. 

Bubble mint 

The bubble mint leaves your taste buds with a sweet tingling sensation. It’s a perfect combination of bubble and mint flavour that almost makes you think you’re chewing bubble gum. I call it the bubble gum without the bubble. Definitely recommend you try this. 


What’s your go to flavour? 



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