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Colors of Schweppes

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One day whilst over at a friends place, I was given something to drink. There were two options to choose from; Virgin Mojito or Malt. For a second I contemplated and decided to stick with what I’m familiar with; malt. My friend asked me twice if I was sure I didn’t want to try the Virgin Mojito. In her words it was “really, really good, you should try it.” 

About two weeks later, whilst shopping freely during the pre-corona era—men I can’t believe that’s actually a thing but yeah—I got to the fridge to get the usuals and there it was. The hyped Virgin Mojito sat there chilled in all her glory. I decided to give it a try as well as try everything else new from Schweppes; Chapman and Pineapple with Malt extract. 

Virgin Mojito 

Imagine my surprise when I realized I was drinking one of the best non alcoholic cocktails. It was so good, it lived up to and exceeded the hype. Fresh and flavour full, this delicious cocktail has a perfect blend of mint and lime like the normal Mojito. A subtle lime green liquid content is a perfect mix that will make a beginner look like a pro bartender. To turn this into the real deal, add some white rum. If you feel like having a Mojito but you don’t feel like taking alcohol then this is for you. It’s a great substitute. 



What makes this Chapman good is it’s fresh flavour. It honestly tastes like it was something freshly made and doesn’t have the artificial Chapman taste found in other types in the market. The bright red color makes it even more attractive. Perfect when served with ice.


Pineapple with malt extract 

This is a really rich blend of pineapple and malt. Premium, fruit flavored and light, it foams when poured into a glass. It tastes like real pineapple and the blend with malt is not overwhelming. Smooth and satisfying, this is definitely something to try. You could add two shots of dark rum or brandy and boom, you’ll have a cocktail.

Whilst they are referred to as soft drinks, I believe they are more like non alcoholic cocktails. They make the perfect mixer and can create a wide range of cocktails. Each can retails at N140. Out of all the new flavours, the Pineapple and Malt was the most difficult to find. The rest were easily found in the fridge but this was tucked away on the shelf and it was only one supermarket out of three that had it. These mixers should also come in a bottle. The can is not continuous as you have to finish up the content in the same day. 



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