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Crispy Chicken by Rubles and Angels

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Chicken comes in many lip-smacking options, but crispy chicken is number one in my book. Scrolling through the streets of Instagram, an ad draws my attention—seven-piece chicken for N3150 from Rubles and Angels. They call it “Monday Madness Deal”. Curiosity got the best of me. A quick trip to the DM, my order was placed.

Arriving just in time for lunch, my food was nice and hot. Impressive, considering I had placed the order in the morning and the restaurant is on the mainland; Surulere. I live on the outskirts of the Island. Delivery was stress-free. I didn’t have to deal with the dispatch rider blowing up my phone in the name of directions to my place.

The packaging was great; a sleek black box with a handle, lined with foil. A small sheet of foil was used to cover the food. I think they could have been more generous with that though. In the box were seven pieces of chicken, a side of fries, and a generous amount of ketchup—madness.

The satisfying smell of crispy chicken made me drool. The batter was darker than usual which at first put me off. One bite and I was sold. It had a mild amount of pepper in the batter which explains the colour. Tasted like a blend of paprika and cayenne pepper. Crispy and crunchy skin without being too crunchy, the chicken is well seasoned and super soft. And the fires were not soggy thank goodness.

All seven pieces of chicken were large. That’s a first as most times crispy chicken is sold in a mix of large and small. Money well spent.

7 piece chicken- N3,150
Fries- N400
Delivery- N2,000
Total N5,550

Rubles and Angels are definitely up to something here. Having relaunched in 2020 with the focus on crispy chicken, it’s fair to say they will definitely keep the competition on their toes. Sadly, they only have one restaurant in Surulere. Here’s hoping they open more outlets.



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