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Delicio Cake Lift

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How many Bakers are there in Lagos? Your guess is as good as mine. The Baking industry in Nigeria, especially Lagos has one of the best, highly skilled and talented people in the world. Their creativity is outstanding. They transform basic ingredients into magic which tastes like a slice of heaven. I’m taking about the good guys here, let’s leave the disappointments for another day.

Amongst the many baked goods to choose from, cake is the answer.

The flavours are unlimited when it comes to cake. One of the best flavours of all time is chocolate. You can never go wrong with really good chocolate cake. Trying chocolate cake is how you can tell if the baker/company is good at what they do in my opinion. I decided to try a cake called Chocolate honeymoon by Delicio cakes.

Interesting name for a cake. It’s a 6 inch plain cake with no icing. This double layered 4 inch high cake is a dream. It smells so good and tastes like they added melted chocolate to the batter. The cake is rich, fluffy and moist without being soggy. Its sweet but not too sweet. Deeply satisfying, like a giant brownie without the crust. A fork easily glides through a slice and it doesn’t crumble. Indeed it lives up to the name and is totally worth it. Perhaps that’s why it’s called Chocolate honeymoon; paradise that you’ll never forget. The only bad thing about this cake are the calories but calories don’t count when it comes to cake.

This size goes for N4,000 only. A steal if you ask me. The simplistic packaging keeps the cake moist for days as it doesn’t dry out in the fridge. Delicio cakes is located at the heart of the mainland Iyana-paja. Necessary to mention because of the unconscious bias that all the best Bakers are on the Island. No complaints with delivery to the Island. It came right on time and it wasn’t pricey either; N2000. This is one of the best chocolate cakes in my books and I highly recommend you try it. You’ll be glad you did.



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