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#Hack – Fry fish without the explosion

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Frying fish should be considered an extreme sport. It’s a battle of two arch enemies—water and oil—with you helpless in the middle. Putting something so wet in blistering hot oil is just madness but the result is heavenly. 

If fired fish didn’t taste so good, no right thinking person will take the risk. Yes I said it. The explosions have left many scars. Burts of hot oil shooting through the air like fireworks in the sky. There is this uneasy feeling you get every time but the love of fried fish makes you get over it eventually. 

From the many attempts and James Bond moves I’ve made whilst frying fish, I discovered this simple hack that’s made life easy. Apply these simple steps:

Step one
When you’re done cleaning the fish, place it in a sieve for 10-20minutes. This will allow all the excess water drain. If you can, put the sieve in the fridge overnight. That will be a plus.

Step two
Throughly pat dry with paper towels. This removes excess moisture.

Step three
Season with salt + pepper or salt + curry and fry.

You’ll get a few sizzles but no snap, crackle and pop. 




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