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#Hack – How to perfectly rim a glass

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December in Lagos is an unending carnival of events. Everywhere and anywhere, there’s a party going on. 2020 may not have gone the way we planned, but it’s definitely worth celebrating the end of it. We made it through the pandemic, cheers to that!

Whether you’re hosting guests or a member of the stay-home-and-chill community, you’ll most likely be serving drinks and making cocktails at one point in time. Whilst, not all cocktail recipes requires a rimmed glass, you might as well add the mix to make things extra. This is not only limited to cocktail glasses. You can decide to rim ice cream bowls or sweets bowl, taking serving presentation up a notch. Here’s how to rim your glass or bowl:

2 tablespoons of granulated salt/sugar or sprinkles
1 lime
1 teaspoon of food coloring

Step 1
Chill the glass or bowl in the fridge for 30 minutes before decorating the rim. This will help the sugar, salt or sprinkles stick better.

Step 2
Take the chilled glass or bowl and rub a slice of lime over the rim.

Step 3
Mix together the sugar and/or salt on a flat plate and go extra by adding one teaspoon of food coloring and mix. Choose a Christmas colour; red, green, or gold to lighten things up. For ice cream bowls or sweet bowls, pour the sprinkles on a flat plate.

Step 4
Turn the glass or bowl over and place the wet rim on the mix. Leave
it in the mix for 5 to 10 seconds.

Step 5
Set aside the glass/ bowl to dry.

Depending on when you plan on serving the drinks, ice cream, or sweets, prepping the glases/bowls beforehand is always a good idea. Store them in the fridge, ready to serve. Either sprinkles or a sugar mix will be great for the glasses or bowls.

This season, remember to #drinkresponsibly and #socializeresponsibly



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