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Honey Mustard Sauce Shnazz

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Fall in love with this creamy honey mustard sauce that is so easy to make. It’s so good on everything; chips, chicken, in a sandwich, drizzled on a salad or roasted potatoes. You name it.

This creamy golden delicious sauce will smash that chicken with some mystery shnazz. It’s THAT good. This oh-so-good and oh-so-yummy sauce is made with just five ingredients and takes only three minutes to make.

Here’s how.

170g Honey (preferably organic)
115g Mayonnaise
115g Mustard
2 tablespoons White vinegar
1 teaspoon dry pepper (cayenne pepper)

If you can’t stand the heat and don’t really like pepper that much, reduce it to half a teaspoon. Whisk all ingredients in a bowl until smooth.




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