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Kitchen Tools Made By Women – Ice Cream Maker

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Ice cream makes the world go round. It has this unapologetic way of making you happy in an instant! What’s not to love; the incredible flavours, the satisfying taste, and the cool cream that melts in your mouth. We consider it an abomination—Nollywood style—if you don’t love or like ice cream.

Although ice cream may not be able to wash away all your sorrows, its a refreshing treat to enjoy. Thank goodness its easily available today. Back in the day when it was first invented, it was a rare and exotic dessert enjoyed on special occasions by the wealthiest people. 

Thankfully, one woman changed it all with the invention of an ice cream maker. Well done, Nancy Johnson. 

Nancy Johnson made the first ice cream maker in 1843. The invention was a hand-cranked ice cream freezer that required you to hand-churn for about 45 minutes. While it may seem like a lot of work, it revolutionized ice cream making. The design had a moveable crank and a centre paddle to churn the mix around. 

Next time you eat ice cream or see an ice cream machine, remember her name, Nancy Johnson. 

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