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Booze on a budget 1.1

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Our survival tip during this pandemic is “get yourself some good booze.” 2020 has brought so many changes to everyday life. Who would have thought we will queue for hours to walk into the store to buy basic necessities. Here’s some great advice. On your list of quarantine essentials, booze should be in the top five. Booze is a quarantine esssential. Nothing should get between you and good booze.

Just so we’re clear, we are not encouraging you to become an alcoholic. No Sir. No Ma’am. But if you’re going to stay at home for most of the year, you might as well make sure you can always have a good drink. That’s the truth. Whether it’s to relax or keep you sane, a good drink goes a long way. 

The change that comes with the new normal has lead us to create this series called Booze-on-a -budget. This will help you turn up at your zoom meetings parties for less. 

First up is Johnnie Walker Red Label 200ml. 

This bottle lives up to its reputation to keep walking; going against the odds. The sleek red bottle is eye catching and unique. It looks like a modern day hip flask and will most likely become a collectors item. I guess that’s why it’s called the pocket scotch. It has just enough content to make 4-5 mixers; juice or soft drink. If you’re more of a cocktail and whisky kind of person, you can get 10 shots from this bottle. Talk about a good deal. 

A bottle goes for N1,300. I got mine from Shoprite Circle Mall, Jakande-Lekki.

What can I say. These boots booze are made for walking. Maybe one day soon, we’ll get to walk all over the pandemic. Till then, drink up and stay safe. 



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