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#QuarantineCocktail – Cuba Libre 2.0

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Simple and satisfying, the Cuba Libre recipe is one to try. With an affordable list of ingredients probably already available in your kitchen, you can easily make this legendary cocktail.

What makes this cocktail legendary is the name. Cuba Libre is Spanish for Free Spain. It was used to celebrate the end of the Spanish American War and Cuba being freed from Spanish rule.

It’s very similar to Rum and Coke. The difference is the key ingredient; lime. Freshly squeezed lime juice will cut through the sweetness of the cola. When mixed properly, it’s a mild drink that has the strength of a glass of wine. We’ve added a twist to the cocktail; mint leaves, making it the 2.0.



1/2 lime juice

60ml dark rum

120ml Coca-Cola

Ice cubes

Mint leaves x 4


Step 1:

Squeeze the juice of 1/2 a lime into a glass and add mint leaves.

Step 2:

Add ice cubes and pour the rum into the glass. Any kind of rum will do as long as it’s dark.

Step 3:

Fill the glass with slushy Coca-Cola and give it a good stir for 10 seconds.

Step 4:

Garnish with fresh mint leaves.





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