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World-Famous Chapman

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There’s only one mocktail that’s world-famous and sold every ten minutes in our book; Chapman. It is estimated that over one million glasses of Chapman are sold every year in Nigeria alone. Growing up, Chapman was always a drink to look forward to. It was a special treat whenever we went out to eat.

Dotted around your table on Christmas Day should be glasses of Chapman. The bright red colour is inviting and adds to the festivities. There’s a huge difference between freshly made Chapman at a Restaurant and the one bought at the store. This is because of the combination of ingredients.

Everyone looks forward to the “wow” on Christmas Day. And we have just that—the secret Chapman recipe. Here’s how to make world-famous Chapman.

300ml Fanta
300ml Sprite
150ml Grenadine syrup
100ml Orange juice
100ml Water
25ml Lemon juice (preferably freshly squeezed)
25ml Origin bitters
Ice cubes

Step 1
In a 1 liter judge, pour in Grenadine syrup first, then add the rest of the ingredients as follows, Orange juice, Fanta, Sprite, Lemon juice, Origin Bitters, and water. In the absence of a 1 liter jug,  you can use a 1 liter plastic bottle instead.

Step 2
Stir the Chapman for about 5 seconds. If it’s made in a bottle, with the lid on, turn it upside down twice to blend the ingredients.

Step 3
Pour into glasses with ice and garnish with slices of cucumber in the glass and on the rim.

This recipe is for 1 liter Chapman which will make about 4-6 glasses depending on the amount of ice in each glass and the size of the glass. You can also decide to keep it in the fridge and enjoy a glass every day. There you go! Wonderful isn’t it? Whether your celebrating with family and friends or home alone, ensure you make Christmas memorable. It’s the little things that count. Most importantly, remember that you are loved in ways you can never imagine. From all of us at Food Critic Live, we wish you a Merry Christmas.



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