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For The Love Of Agbalumo

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It’s Agbalumo season and you know what that means; an unending supply of this gooey yummy goodness. You can tell I absolutely love this fruit. It takes me back to my childhood when I believed the skin was natures version of chewing gum. Nowadays, I don’t really like chewing the skin.

You can never get enough of the sweet and sour African cherry. This small fruit is one tough guy as it has numerous benefits. It’s a natural remedy for toothache and sore throat, helps with weight loss, and is enriched with high levels of vitamin C and fiber.

Other than drinks, purées and sauces, there hasn’t been that many Agbaloumo based recipes created. There’s so much to explore with this fruit. Recently, I saw on Circa Lagos Instagram, the addition of Agbalumo cake on their menu. It’s definitely something I’d like to try. I’m trying to imagine how all the flavours will come together in a cake.

Till then, enjoy the fruit the good old fashioned way.



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