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For The Love Of Frejon

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One of the delicious meals enjoyed during Easter is Frejon. The Good Friday staple is thick and creamy like a crossbreed between pudding and pap. Its made from black beans and coconut milk, topped with garri and sweetened with sugar.  Served with fresh fish and a side of jollof rice.

My God Mother makes it every year and it has been a family tradition to go over to hers and enjoy a plate. I’ve never tried to make Frejon, maybe one day I will. Did you know Frejon is not only eaten on Good Friday but at Weddings in some countries?

This iconic meal has a historical reference to the slave trade. Emancipated slaves, who returned to Nigeria from Brazil were said to have created this meal which is similar to the Brazilian delicacy called Feijoada. Frejon is an acquired taste. You either love it or hate it. Have you tried some recently?



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