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Where are the hotdogs?

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Hotdogs, an American staple is slowly beginning to fade away from the Nigerian food scene. When was the last time you had a hotdog? If you had to think about it then I’m probably right. Whilst the burger, toasted sandwich, and shawarma have been reinvented in Lagos and made sinfully delicious, nothing much has been done with hotdogs.

Hardly ever will you find any of the restaurants with a hotdog on the menu. You’ll either find them served as some kind of pastry at a bakery or fast food. The traditional hotdog has been reduced to a “children’s food” menu item sadly.

It’s disappointing though, I’d really love to see hotdogs reinvented on the Lagos food scene as it has been in America. Supersized, layered, and delicious. Consider this an SOS to the restaurant owners. Don’t let hotdogs become extinct. There’s so much that can be done with them that could put you on the map. If you’re a restaurant owner reading this, please do something.



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