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Exhibitor Registration

All Things Baked Fair is the indulgent adventure, made in Lagos. The convergence of businesses and baked goods will host the largest gathering of Manufacturers, Industry Professionals, Businesses and Bakers. Crave-worthy treats, a selection of baked goods, as well as the showcase of craftsmanship and creativity will be on display.


Exhibitors at All Things Baked Fair may enter the baking competition free of charge. Those who may only want to enter the competition and not exhibit at the Fair may do so by paying the entry fee sum of N40,000 only. To book your Exhibition Stand or pay the competition Entry Fee, kindly click here or contact our Sales Team on our telemarketing hotline on the whatsapp link below.


Any type of Business; Bakers, Ingredients, Equipment etc may enter the Baking competition. Each contestant will be given 2kg Golden Penny Flour, 1kg Golden Penny Sugar, a Golden Penny T-shirt or an Apron. This will be delivered free of charge to the address provide in the Contestants Application Form. There are two aspects of the completion; GoldenPennyBakeMeGolden! and AllThingsBaked Pro.

This is a professional baking competition, a demonstration of skill, craftsmanship, creativity and mastery. Contestants are to present their baked entry at the fair on Saturday, 17th September, 2022. Multiple entries are welcomed in this category. A one-minute video documenting the process of how it was made must be created and made available to view at the venue on a tab or device. Samples of the creation(s) must be made available for Judges and Attendees to taste. Entries for in this Category will be judged by Official Judges and an accumulation of votes known as the Peoples Choice on Saturday, 17th September, 2022. Three finalists will emerge from this category.

This is a Social Media competition, a demonstration of skill and creativity. Contestants are to use a simple 5 ingredient recipe that can be easily recreated by followers. Only one entry is welcomed in this category. A one-minute creative Reel showing the step by process is to be created and posted on Instagram. All entries are to be posted between the hours of 10am and 10pm on Thursday, 15th September, 2022 before the event. The details of the recipe are to be written in the caption with a simple step by step description. Not more than 5 (five steps) in total. Tag @foodcriticlive and @goldenpennyflour . Contestants are to come with their creations to the Venue on Friday, 16th September, 2022. Entries in this Category will be judged by Official Judges, the creativity of their video, and an accumulation of votes known as the People’s Choice. Samples of the creation must be made available for Judges and Attendees to taste. Three finalists will emerge from this category.

Contestants may enter only one aspect of the competition ie GoldenPennyBakeMeGolden or AllThingsBaked Pro. Only two team members are allowed to be present at the Competition Entries display stand.


Any recipe can be used. It does not need to be an original recipe created by the contestant. Recipes may come from cookbooks, family recipes from generations, websites, or any other means.

Types of entries

All baked entries must fit into either the five category descriptions:


All types of bread are accepted in this category.


All types of baked pastries are accepted in this category.


All types of cakes and cupcakes are accepted in this category.


All types of bread are accepted in this category.

Miscellaneous Sweets

Any baked dessert item that does not fit in a category listed above is accepted in this category. The entire finished product must be completely edible.

Competition Prizes

Cash Prize worth N1,000,000 in total

  • 6 Months Supply of Flour
  • Baking Equipment
  • Baking goods
  • Goodie bags & Rewards

How will entries be Judged?

All entries must meet the requirements of the category entered. Recipes not meeting contest entry criteria will be disqualified. Each judge will complete a judging sheet which will indicate each entry’s score. Each criterion will require a score of 1 to 10, dependent on that criterion. A combined score will be calculated to indicate the final scoring placement. Entries will be judged by the following criteria:


  • Appropriate texture
  • Taste
  • Consistency
  • Skill
  • Creativity and Originality
  • Creative video* this is specific to GoldenPennyBakeMeGolden! entries
  • Use of colour
  • Overall impression


Total value of 60 points.


People’s Choice Votes total value of 40 points. One vote = 0.5 points

Contestants Application Form 

*Please review the information in each field carefully before submitting your application. By clicking on submit you confirm that all information provided is accurate. Do not duplicate your entry as duplicate entries will be automatically disqualified*

*Can be left blank if not a business
*The entry number is the last three digits of your invoice number. Do not fill this form if payment has not been made. Unpaid invoice numbers will be disqualified*
Competition Category(Required)
Please select the preferred category to compete in. Contents are not allowed to reconsider the selection once the application has been submitted. Any Contestant whose entry is different from the competition category indicated on the form will be disqualified.
Delivery location(Required)
Delivery Address(Required)