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Fine dinning during quarantine part 1

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The restaurant industry took a nose dive when the pandemic first hit. The future appeared to be uncertain for Restaurateurs. They were left with one choice—evolve. Things have changed in the restaurant world with the current realities. And believe it or not, Fine Dinning has become affordable. What a dream come true to have the highest quality of food eaten at the comfort of your home. 

All thanks to COVID, you can enjoy superb cuisine for less. The world may have stopped, but the celebrations and birthdays—now done on a low scale—didn’t. If you’ve ever wanted to experience something from the best fine dinning menus, now is the time to do so. We’ve looked at the best menu options and this is one to consider;

Fregz A Porter

From the stables of a Private Chef, Chef Fregz, who calls himself the Smokey Jollof if Jollof was a person comes Fregz A Porter. Fregz A Porter which literally mean Fregz on the go was launched in April 2019. You could say it was futuristic to roll out this menu option. It was on auto pilot by the time the pandemic hit.

Leave it to Chef Fregz to provide happiness in a box; delicious food infused with local and Asian ingredients. From the kitchen to your mouth, every bite is flavourful and satisfying without breaking the bank. They pledge to satisfy cravings you didn’t know you had.

We recommend you try the Duduke, Asun jollof, Iya Fregz Asaro and Orange sticky pork ribs.

Duduke @fregzaporter


Asun jollof @fregzaporter


Iya Fregz Asaro @fregzaporter


Orange sticky pork ribs @fregzaporter









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