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The Ultimate Guide To Eating Out On A First Date Part 1

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A first date can be nerve racking. You’re excited, and curious at the same time. You’ve got to look your best and put in so much effort to get dressed. Wondering how the date—lunch or dinner—will unfold? Whilst there’s no guarantee it will be time we’ll spent, there are a few things that you should not be caught doing. 

Yes, some of them are considered a crime and so wrong on all levels. The dating scene has changed and so should you. Here’s the ultimate guide to eating out on a first date. 

1. Put your phone away 

Hardly anyone will give you a second chance to make a first impression. The whole point of this date is to get to know the person. How will that be possible if you’re constantly on your phone? It is considered rude to be on your phone when someone is talking to you. It also sends nonverbal cues implying you’re not interested in getting to know the person. Please be courteous and put your phone away. Take an extra step and put it on silent.  

2. Choose what you can afford

Whether you’re eating at a five star restaurant or somewhere easygoing, pay attention to the price of the meal. Now is not the time to choose the most expensive item on the menu. If you have been asked out, you should be courteous to consider the host budget. Besides, you don’t know if they are expecting you to split the bill. And if you’re the one paying, you really shouldn’t flash your cash as a way of trying to impress. 

3. Play it safe with Menu options 

We’re all for trying something new but you need to play it safe when choosing what to eat. You don’t want to end up eating something that will upset your stomach. Neither do you want to embarrass yourself by trying to use chopsticks when you don’t know how. Definitely don’t want to eat something that will get in your teeth or give you funky breath. Pay attention to the list of ingredients on the menu and try and stay with what you know. 

4. Remember your manners

Now is not the time to show that you can boss people around. Be polite to the wait staff, they are just trying to earn a living. Don’t scrape your plate with your cutlery, don’t use your fork or spoon as a knife and don’t be rude to your date by making silly comments or jokes. 

The most important thing is to relax and be yourself. Don’t go overboard trying to impress your date and end up looking bad. You want them to enjoy your company and look forward to seeing you again. Next week we look at what else you need to take note of. 




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