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The Unspoken Rules Of Fine Dining part 2

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Ready for more? Hope you learned a thing or two from the first part and were able to apply it. It’s okay if you’ve not been out since then. There’s truly nothing better than being prepared for the future. With these guidelines, it will be memorable in a good way. Here are the remaining unspoken rules and expectations of Fine Dining.

1.  Take bite-size portions
The food before you has been cooked to perfection. It is meant to be enjoyed. Some people close their eyes when they take the first bite because it’s so good. Whilst this isn’t the place to let yourself go by doing so, it is important to take bite-size portions and eat slowly. Now is not the time to stuff your mouth full or eat up your plate so quickly like you’re in a competition. Bite-size portions are about the size of half an inch. Easily fits in your mouth and easy to chew. And remember, don’t blow on hot food. Cut it up into pieces, it will cool off.

2.  Put your napkin on the right place
Back in the days, tucking your napkin into your shirt was considered posh. Today it’s absolutely razz. Nothing in this world should make you do such a thing except you’re a 3 year old at the table. Considering you’re not, please don’t do it. Unfold the napkin and place it on your knees. When you need to use it, with your mouth closed, dab the corners of your lips. Don’t wipe your mouth. You’ll ruin your makeup or further smear yourself.

3.  Raise your voice to propose a toast
Forget about what you saw in the movies. You’re most likely going to end up breaking the glass if you keep tapping it with a knife or spoon. I’ve seen this happen before and it’s not cute. Plus, you really don’t want to deal with paying for a broken glass at an expensive restaurant. All you need to do is clear your throat and raise your voice.

4.  Get involved in the conversation
Relax and be yourself. Don’t pretend that you’re something you’re not. It’s not the time to recite your CV and accomplishments. Neither is it a good idea to discuss topics around politics, religion, gossip, and sex. Find shared interests and take it from there. Conversations are important to create connections that can take you to the next chapter in life.

5.  Freshen up
If you’ve had an adventurous menu, your breath will give it away. It’s so important to freshen up after dinner most especially. Excuse yourself from the table, head over to the bathroom, and pick your teeth if you have a bone stuck in an uncomfortable place. Rinse your mouth and pop in some mints or gum to freshen up your breath. Don’t leave the bathroom chewing gum though, it’s rude to chew gum at the table. Perfume samples come in handy here; a little spritz here and there will do. For the ladies, touch up your makeup without overdoing it.

There you have it, a total of ten unspoken rules. Practice makes perfect so get ready as you’ll never know when the time will come. Don’t let me down, here’s wishing you all the best at your next dining experience.



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