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Cork In The Air!

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Bring out the wine, pop the cork, and let the celebrations beGIN! Yes, yes, yesssss! Toast, clink and sip to love. Self love or in love with a significant other? Wine is the answer! Deeply satisfying, full of mystery and secretly hoped to never end. A good bottle of wine —Red, White, Rosé, Desert or Sparkling— is unforgettable.

It comes as no surprise to find that wine is one of the most gifted items on Valentine’s Day. It ranks at number four of the Top Ten Best Seller Products on Valentine’s Day. 

According to Nielsen, a Market Research Firm, 2 million bottles of wine will be sold this week. The age old gift used to express love helps you relax, unwind and appreciate the moment. Drinking wine results in the release of oxytocin, the feel good hormone that plays a key role in both loving emotions and reproduction. 

The real question is, will you be part of this statistic?  

If you most certainly will, throw your cork in the air!

Wine and Dine. 


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