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Scoop’d Ice Cream Bar

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Ice cream makes the world taste better. If you’ll ask me, it makes the world a better place. I love ice cream. It won’t be out of line to say, ice cream loves me too. We’re a perfect match and that’s all that matters.

Sunday enjoyment led me to Scoop’d Ice Cream Bar. Recently, they opened their fourth outlet towards the end of 2021 at Novare Mall, Sangotedo. I’ve been curious to see if they can rival Coldstone which has its store located on the other side of the road. As well as give Restaurants with ice cream machines within the mall a wake up call. 

The Dodo Pizza and Scoop’d store is well planned with a small space carved out for Scoop’d. I like the aesthetics and bright colours on the walls. Their staff are welcoming which is nice to see. However, the place was surprisingly empty during what I’d consider rush hour. That should have been my cue but I guess I missed it.

For an ice cream bar, they had an empty looking ice cream freezer. It was disappointing to not have that many options to choose from. They didn’t do better with toppings either. There were only five; crushed Oreos, white chocolate shavings, sprinkles, roasted peanuts and smarties at N200 each. 

First thing I tried was Salted Caramel and it wasn’t great. Then I tired Blueberry—that was more like it. Would you believe there were no ice cream cones available? Their pastries selection was better off but limited. In three display trays they had cookies, cake slices, one strawberry cake tart, sausage rolls and chocolate croissants.

I settled for a slice of chocolate cake with a scoop of blueberry ice cream. Get this, I was told it wasn’t allowed. I needed to buy the ice cream separately in a cup and cake on a plate. What in the world…I also got a scoop of chocolate and banana cream in a cup. A scoop goes for N900, two scoops N1,500 and a slice of chocolate cake is N600. Everything cost N3,000.

Bread was also available for N700, but why would an ice cream bar be selling bread? I’m lost.


The chocolate ice cream was terrible. It tasted bland and was more like frozen cocoa than ice cream. The banana cream was way better; rich and flavourful. Sadly, the chocolate cake looked better than it tasted. It wasn’t sweet or rich. I wasn’t sold as I’ve had better. A few scoops in and the blueberry ice cream had a mild sour aftertaste.

Scoop’d have to reconsider if they truly are the one stop indulgence bar. After all the hype on being the stuff sweet dreams are made of, this place is below average. They need to revisit the menu and recipes. It’s one of the worst tasting ice cream I’ve ever had. Makes me sad. 



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