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Chef Of The Week: Chef Lin

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Our very first Chef of the week is none other than Linda Ajala also know as Chef Lin. Chef Lin is a wife, mother and Head Chef at Splurgeon Food. Splurgeon Food, owned by Chef Lin is an upscale catering event company based in Abuja, Nigeria.


Chef Lin is a Food enthusiast, a Food Photographer and an Elite member of Kitchen Assassin. A true foodie, Chef Lin left her job at the Bank and took her love for food from passion to profit. With a love for cooking and experimenting, Chef Lin is known to create new fusions in the food industry.  This blend of Afro-fusion cuisine is perfectly tailored for the Nigerian food culture.


Her love for seeing people eat good food and making your tummy sing has positioned her amongst one of the most sought after Chefs in Abuja. Chef Lin’s plating skills leaves you in awe of how basic Nigerian food can look so remarkable. As you would expect, the ingredients are beautifully cooked to perfection. Pictures of her creations are worthy of an award.


This is why we love Chef Lin.



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