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Chef Of The Month – Abiola Akanji

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Our Chef of the month is Abiola Akanji. Author. Restauranteur. A Force. Born and raised in Lagos State, this rare breed of talent, passion, and resilience is one of the genius minds shaping the Nigerian food scene.

It all began in his mother’s kitchen where he learned how to cook. As a child he learned what cooking was all about and how to make different meals including one of his favourites; fried plantain and eggs. He started to experiment and realized cooking was his first love.

Abiola took a smart approach and decided to learn the business side of cooking first, by studying Business Management in London. During his time at school, he worked part-time and got his first experience cooking professionally with many four-star and five-star
restaurants. He took things a step further and went to the French Culinary Institute in New York.


Known as Chef Stone because he’s strong enough to survive the flames of life, ready to shatter glass ceilings, and eager to sharpen all minds as well as knives. His passion for food has lead him to write two books; 30 Easy Meal Ideas and The Dark Side Series as well as creating his own line of Spices.

He firmly believes that with passion and hard work comes success. This belief inspired him to start teaching from his tiny kitchen earlier on in his career. Against all odds, it grew to become an established Culinary training institution called Red Dish Chronicles with schools in Lagos and Abuja. Rumor has it, the school is named red dish because of the red plates given to him by his mother when he moved back to Nigeria.

Inspired by Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsey, Abiola has opened The Burgundy Restaurant, Red Gourmet Kitchen Food truck, and is a certified Restaurant Consultant. In addition to food, he loves Art, Photography and his favourite tool are knives. He has been the guest Chef and Judge on many cooking shows.

This is why we love Abiola Akanji.



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