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Chef Of The Month – Oge Modebelu

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Our Chef Of The month is Oge Modebelu. A rare talent from the South East part of Nigeria, Anambra state. Creative, passionate, and extremely talented, Oge is a rising star to look out for.


The journey began as far back as her childhood, with her first memories of cooking with her mother. Like every child, curiosity got the best of her. This lead to observing in detail, how meals were made and how different ingredients came together.


Qualified with a BSc in Economics from Covenant University and an MSc in Management for Business of Excellence from the University of Warwick. Oge began her career as an Insurance Agent but soon gave it all up in December 2017. Making the most significant and challenging decision to follow her dreams Oge took a course at Reddish Chronicles where she obtained a diploma in Cuisine and Patisserie then went to La Cordon Bleu London to become a certified Cake Decorator. For the love of creating sweet memories and being part of people’s milestones, Oge decided to become a full-time Chef and started The Create Company in August 2018.


Know as Chef Mode, the name is drawn from the first four letters of her surname “Modebelu”. Her artistic creativity made an impact on the Nigerian baking scene with the introduction of Bouqcakes. These hand-piped buttercream cupcakes look like real flowers and have become one of the most sought-after cakes.


Spreading love and light with tons of sugar, Chef Mode is inspired by colours, people, food, and things surrounding her. She also loves lifestyle and fashion. Motivated to share her passion and love for cooking with others, her role as Executive Pastry Chef has seen The Create Company become a leading luxury boutique bakery.

This is why we love Oge Modebelu.



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