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Mixologist of the Month – Braide Sekrobo

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Our Mixologist of the month is Braide Ifeanyi. Braide is the CEO of Connoisseurs and Cravings, a Beverage entertainment and dessert company that supplies drinks and offers a professional waiting service. He is also the Schweppes Mixologist Ambassador. Yes, you guessed right, he’s the one you see at the bar in the #NewfaceofSchweppes advert. Born in Rivers state, Braide is a foodie, fitnesses fanatic, one-time model, lover of art, and enjoys good music.




Starting his life from humble beginnings, Braide first fell in love with mixology when he was a cleaner at a bar. In the midst of loud music and flashing lights, his eyes were drawn to the bartender. Studying every move he made and his interaction with customers. His first lessons and crash course into mixology were taken with the bartender. Yearning to know more about the world of mixology, Braide began to do his research on the world of tastes. He decided to face this full time and began attending online courses in mixology.




His love for experimenting has taken him on a seven-year journey of passion, perseverance, and an uncountable number of broken bottles to perfect his craft and juggling skills. Braide believes that taste is everything and is driven by a relentless desire to take everyone he meets on a journey to discover and explore the endless variety of tastes. With an in-depth understanding of the variation of clients tastes, he can tell what you’ll enjoy and create something unforgettable after meeting you for barely five minutes.




The hunger to be better than the best distinguishes Braide from everyone else in his line of work. He is a World Flair Association Orange level holder, a world-renowned institute for professional bartending. He is also a qualified Oenologist; the science and study of winemaking and it’s preservation. Braide loves meeting people, experimenting, and trying out new recipes. With a contagious smile and welcoming aura, this fast-rising star is definitely someone to watch out for.

This is why we love Braide.



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