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Mixologist Of The Month – Omar Itani

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Our Mixologist of The Month is the green-eyed genius Omar Itani. The Man in the Mix was born in Lebanon. Within a short period in Nigeria, he has become one of the most sought-after Mixologists.

Omar began his journey studying Hospitality Management at YWCA. Upon completion of this course, he was driven to build his expertise in every aspect of the Food and Beverage department. It was then he realized his passion for Mixology. There he studied Oenology; Winemaking, Beer process, Spirit knowledge Distillation, Fermentation, Clarification amongst others. As well as the magic that happens when the bottle becomes part of your hand.

He believes that every cocktail is more than a drink; it has its own story and its own inspiration. From the concept to the garnish, to the name, to the category especially serving experimental cocktails. Driven by a relentless passion to be the best at what he does, Omar is motivated by Clients reaction to his cocktails; they keep coming back for more and want to know the man behind the cocktail.

Omar believes that every Mixologist is a Shrink. From the bar, you’ll see breakups, make-ups, and date night. You’ll also hear many confessions and keep many secrets, never to be revealed. With the right cocktail prescribed by the Mixologist, they can snap back into a good mood.


His eight-year-long career has seen him become a Beverage Manager for a chain of luxury upscale restaurants in Nigeria such as KOI Lagos. His highly sought skill has lead to traveling around the world for Guest Shifts, Seminars, Bar Conventions such as BCB Bar Convention Berlin amongst others.


Omar is a Brand Ambassador for himself. He is dedicated to his work and promotes his work as a brand. He currently runs teachings and tutorials on basics, technique, and modern mixology.

This is why we love Omar Itani.



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