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Restaurant are reopening!

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Lagos State: “Restaurants can open for in-dinning services from August 14th, on the condition that they maintain 50% capacity and obtain safety compliance certificate through the LSSC registration portal.” 

Restaurants:  “Entangle me baby, I am your August!” 

August brings good news as life takes another step to return back to normal. How exciting it is to know that in a few days, we will be back at the table in a restaurant, eating away our isolation blues. Can you tell that I’m so excited? Of course you can. 

Raise your hands if you can’t wait to dress up and go somewhere to eat something good. Get yourself “entangled” with what you’ve missed and craved for so long. The ambience, the food, the endless back and forth of serving waiters and the drinks. Walking into the restaurant will definitely be a grand entrance. Yes indeed. 

For the first time, Nigerians will most likely be made to RSVP. Most restaurants will need to schedule their customers to comply with the 50% capacity required to reopen. On one hand this is great for those of us that don’t like the idea of crowded places, but on the other hand it’s a little annoying to have to wait. But having been through this pandemic, and the new normal, I’ll take whatever I can get. 

Here’s goodbye for now to delivery portion sizes, delivery fees and the endless wait for food to arrive. 

Mask on and sanitizer in the bag, we move! 

Where are you going first? 


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